Fresh Pasta


Ingredients: 1 bag semolina pasta flour (in the pasta aisle)


Follow instructions for egg pasta on bag. 

I know this seems like a cheat, but it's the best and easiest recipe I've seen.


After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, separate pasta into several small balls.  Keep any pasta that you are not rolling,

wrapping in plastic wrap or under an upside down bowl to keep it from drying out.


If you have a pasta press, run pasta dough through press, several times at each setting 1, then 2, and finally 3.


*if you are making raviolis and you do not have a ravioli press, cut pressed/rolled dough into large circles with a biscuit cutter or into large squares.

It is easiest to have filling ready to go, and fill the raviolis as you finish pressing/rolling  each of the pasta balls.   Working with a partner makes this go so

much easier.