Broccoli Rabe with Spicy Sausage


Ingredients: 3 tbsp salt

1 1/2 pounds Broccoli-Rabe (about 2-3 bunches) Coarsely chopped

10 ounces Orecchiette pasta

1 lb hot Italian sausage (3 links)

2tbsp olive oil

1 cup chicken stock

1 1/2 ounces finely grated Romano cheese

1/2 lemon (squeezed)

1 1/2 tbsp crunchy bread crumbs


add salt to large pot of boiling water,  boil Broccoli-Rabe  for about 6 minutes or until soft.

remove Broccoli-Rabe with a slotted spoon  (keep the water).

Bring same pot of water back to boil, add Orecchiette,  cook for 10 minutes or until just under done.

Drain, reserving 2 cups of the water.


Heat oil in a large pan or skillet over medium heat.  Add and cook sausage, breaking it up as much as possible.

Add Broccoli-Rabe (you may need to transfer the sausage and Broccoli-Rabe to a large non-stick pot) and continue

cooking until the Broccoli-Rabe starts to breakdown into a thick sauce like texture.

Add chicken stock and Orecchiette.  Finish cooking the pasta with the Broccoli-Rabe,  keep stirring so it won't stick.

add some of the reserved water if needed.

Before serving, fold in the Romano cheese, a few squeezes of lemon and bread crumbs