Post-upgrade DB Comparison

There are plenty of tools out there you can use to compare two versions of a database. Perhaps you use one all the time (tell me about it in the comments if you like!), or perhaps you find yourself wondering what exactly has changed after each upgrade. If you fall into the latter camp, I have just the script for you.
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The Anonymizer, part one

I’m sure most, if not all of you have multiple environments. We have four: production, test, development, and train. Every quarter, we refresh our test, dev, and train environments with a fresh copy of the production database, just to be sure everything matches up as well as possible.

About a year ago, we decided to start anonymizing our train database. This was initially motivated by multiple requests from staff members who didn’t want trainees potentially seeing their information, which is perfectly valid. We suggested simply making those charts sensitive, but a number of employees wanted their data removed entirely. We certainly want to respect people’s privacy, so figuring it was better to go to the extreme than not go far enough, we decided to go for the nuclear option.
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Clinical Visit Summaries attestation report, part one

In previous posts here, here, here, and here, I talked about our struggles with GE’s 2013 Crystal Report for Meaningful Use attestation on Clinical Visit Summaries. We now have a report going out daily to notify our practices of visits where a CVS was not printed, and it already appears to be having a positive effect.

Come February, we’re going to have to attest for Q4 2014 (using the 2013 measures under the flexibility rules), so today I’d like to show you our attestation report.
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Missing Clinical Visit Summaries, THE BUG

Since writing part one of this article, I’ve discovered a few things about GE’s report, about my own report and where it was failing, and about Core Measure attestation in general. In all my testing, I think one finding stands above the others as being the most interesting…

The GE Clinical Visit Summary report has a bug. And it may work in your favor.

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Provider list as a report parameter

One task I struggled with for a long time was how to create a custom report that users could run against one or more specific providers. You can build a static provider list in the report parameter, but that means having to maintain that list, in every report that uses it, any time a provider leaves the organization or a new one is hired. You can create a dynamic parameter that looks up the list in DoctorFacility, but that’s going to give you a much larger list than you need. Turns out accomplishing this is really simple, all you need is a custom view.

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Missing Clinical Visit Summaries, part one

UPDATES! There are two updates to this post:
Missing Clinical Summaries, THE BUG
Missing Clinical Visit Summaries, REVISED

Ah, the joys of Meaningless Use. Wait, did I say Meaningless? I meant Meaningful. Sorry, should I go back and re-type that? No, I think I’m good. Let’s move on…

If you’re like everyone, your organization is currently scrambling to meet any number of Meaningful Use measures. One measure we’re putting a lot of effort into is Clinical Visit Summaries. I won’t get into the details here, feel free to read all about it. We’re more interested in identifying whether or not our staff is giving them to patients like they’re supposed to.

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