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Your gracious hostMy name is Ron Moses; welcome to Adventures in Centricity, a blog about my work with SQL and Crystal Reports in the GE CPS12 environment. I’ll probably throw in a bit of MEL here and there along with the occasional text file hack as well. I don’t expect this blog to be of much interest to SQL/Crystal users in general; I’m primarily targeting the Centricity tech who’s wearing multiple hats in addition to having to figure out how to create new reports and queries as the need arises. Maybe you know your way around Crystal pretty well, but haven’t considered what digging into the database might gain you. Maybe you’re a member of the support team who’d like to be more proactive in tracking down errors and customizing the application. If either of those come anywhere close to describing you, welcome to Adventures in Centricity.

I am a member of the Ambulatory EMR team for a private hospital in New England, incorporating several primary care practices along with Surgical and Cardiology departments. A big part of my job is creating reports for all levels of the organization, from upper management to EMR end-users. I’m also regularly involved in supporting the Centricity software. In the course of both parts of my job, I often need to find creative ways not only to generate data, but also to troubleshoot (and sometimes hack) the system itself. I have a lot of stories to tell, and the fun shows no signs of stopping soon. So I’ve decided to share as much of what I’ve learned with my fellow Centricity techs, and with data nerds in general. (I use that word both affectionately and self-referentially, by the way.)

I don’t care to call myself an expert, per se, but I have managed to pull off a few neat tricks. I hope that by posting them here, I will elicit one of two responses:

1. “Hey that’s pretty cool! I think I’ll try that!”
2. “You’re an idiot. You should have done it this way instead.”

I’m hoping to get more of the former than the latter, but I’ll take what I can get. (After all, I’d rather be told I did something stupid than continue to do it.) I hope you find something of use here, and please send me your feedback in the comments!

-Ron Moses

4 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Beverly

    Ron – thank you. This blog is so helpful. I wear many hats supporting my Centricity users. We are tired of waiting for our VAR for very simple reports. I want to be able to create them myself, cut out the middle man. I am a programmer by background, and have delved occasionally into creating crystal reports. I aim to get deeper into understanding the database tables/schema etc…so I can create better reports. Will be ghosting in the background for a while, until I have something concrete to contribute.

    1. Ron Moses Post author

      Welcome Beverly, and thank you for being my very first commenter! Please, by all means, if there are any topics you’d like me to cover here, let me know. I’m working hard to post one article per day, at least, but I imagine that will slow down somewhat as reality sets in. I hope you find this a useful resource, and I hope to hear from you again! Thanks… -Ron

  2. George

    Great items
    question: did you ever work with the immunization table and try linking it to Patient visit, Patientvisitprocs and Patient profile?

    any help would be great

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