Monthly Archives: August 2017

Scheduling lag (or, “Fun With Recursive CTEs!”)

Hey, who wants to learn about recursive common table expressions? Today we’re going to look at a scenario where one of our practices wants to know how far out they’re scheduling appointments. For example, the user wants to know how many appointments have a lag of at least thirty days between being scheduled, and taking place. A recursive common table expression can get us there quickly and easily.
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Adding SFTP functionality to your SSIS packages

Hi folks! This one’s not at all Centricity-centric, but it involves a task you may sometimes need to perform as part of your work with patient data. Let’s say your organization is part of an ACO, and that ACO requires regular uploads of data. In most cases, they’re going to want you to upload that data via SFTP. If the data is due monthly, you could run your script on the first of the month, export the data, then upload it manually via the FTP application of your choice. But what if you’re on vacation? What if you forget? What if the data needs to be uploaded daily? Are you really going to do this manual upload every single day? You could, but why would you want to? The more efficient method is to automate it via an SSIS package.
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